What Makes a Term Paper?

What Should a Term Paper Consist of?

Students sometimes fumble over what makes up a standard term paper. Some of them wonder if it has chapters. To answer some of these concerns, it is always best to start with a proper understanding of what this paper entails. A term paper refers to an assignment written throughout the semester to evaluate the learner’s knowledge in a particular topic.

The structure of a term paper tends to vary depending on the area of study or institution. Nevertheless, most colleges acknowledge a standard structure that is consistent throughout most learning institutions. A student can then have a less challenging time working on the task with a clear idea of what a term paper entails. In this article, we shall look at all the relevant sections that make up a term paper.

Title Page

This is usually the first page of your term paper. Typically, it should be on its own page separate from the other sections. It contains the following.

  • The title of your assignment.
  • Your name.
  • The name of the course.
  • The name of your instructor.
  • The date of submission.


In this section, you outline the topic you have chosen for the term paper. Subsequently, you must expound on its relevance and significance. You can also include additional but relevant information to introduce the paper.

Table Contents

Here, you break down the paper into its relevant sections. The table of content allows the reader to see the distinction among the pertinent parts.


Basically, an abstract is a general overview of the research paper. In which you have summarized the key ideas into a single passage. It allows the reader to get an insight into your work.

Literature Review

In this section, you elaborate on the various tools and techniques you applied during the research. It follows then that you must justify their use.


This is a discussion of the findings from the research. Thus, you are required to establish and explain the conclusions you have arrived at the study. You must also demonstrate whether your hypothesis was proven true or false.


In this last section, you are expected to provide your opinion and suggestions regarding the topic you worked on. This should be a guide to any related research that might be carried out in the future.

Reference List

Like any other academic writing, you must always include all the sources that you used in the research. Each pre-existing literature cited in your term paper must have a relevant reference. When you are compiling this list, you must remember to do it according to the specified format.

With this in mind, you are more than well equipped to work on any term paper. It is worth considering that you must always consult with your instructor for specific requirements. Nevertheless, this structure will equally guide you when developing an outline for your term paper. From then on, this task might just be a walk in the park!

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